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Lambda Alpha International is an honorary, non-political professional society devoted to the advancement of land economics. LAI is composed of men and women involved in the fields of real estate, real estate development, real estate management, land use, urban planning, architecture, law, government, academia and all other professions that deal with use, study and economics of land. Membership is by invitation only.

Lambda Alpha International is an honorary, non-political professional organization which purposes are:


  • To recognize and honor men and women in all parts of the world whose achievements have contributed, directly or indirectly, to the advancement of the science of land economics, to a better understanding of the principles of land economics, or to the practical application of such principles in the preservation, development or better utilization of the world’s land resources.

  • To expand the world’s knowledge and understanding of the principles of land economics and to encourage and support the application of such principles to both public policy and private endeavor.

  • To take those actions and support those ideas, individually and collectively, which contribute to the enrichment of our urban and rural environment and which benefit the quality of human life.

  • To advance a close working bond and mutual understanding among men and women engaged in all disciplines and activities related to land  economics.


Lambda Alpha was established November 5, 1930 as a land economics fraternity at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Its original purposes included the encouragement of the study of real estate and land economics in universities, the promotion of a closer affiliation between its members and the commercial world, and the furtherance of the highest ideals of scholarship and honesty in business and the universities.  In the more than 70 years that have elapsed since its founding, Lambda Alpha International slowly evolved from a university-oriented fraternity into an honorary professional society whose members are chosen solely by invitation on the basis of an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the knowledge or practice of land economics, or on the basis of achievements in a field that is directly related to land economics.


The change in composition of membership was subsequently reflected in a change of name from an "honorary fraternity" to Lambda Alpha International and a change of description to "an honorary land economics society."  Lambda Alpha International now has chapters in key cities in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and members-at-large in many other parts of the world. Its membership is a virtual "Who’s Who in Land Economics" and represents an "International Hall of Fame" honoring men and women who have distinguished themselves in land economic related activities.


The exchange of information and ideas relating to land economics continues to be a primary goal of Lambda Alpha International. The membership of Lambda Alpha International includes outstanding individuals from many parts of the world who have distinguished themselves in all the various disciplines and activities that related to the use and re-use of land. These individuals include not only those who are involved in the ownership, management, regulation and conservation of land, but also those who are involved in its development, redevelopment, and preservation. Membership includes architects, engineers, real estate developers, planners, government officials, professors, bankers, attorneys, real estate consultants, and officials of local, national, and international organizations.

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